The activities of Bixon Engineering and Construction Company are:

Carrying out all construction and road construction works, houses and apartments in the city and town, bridge construction, tunnel construction, roads and railways, landscaping, refineries, urban facilities and building facilities, and performing other operations, activities and investments that directly or indirectly to The above issues are relevant and their contracting. This company is ready to work in all the above-mentioned projects by having experienced and technical management staff and the required machinery and equipment.

Bixon Engineering & Construction has considered integration and transparency as its two key principles and focal points.

The company implements all its activities and policies in accordance with applicable public and private regulations, as well as in accordance with company regulations and employer standards and ethical codes. Mutual respect and respect for stakeholder rights is one of the most important and underlying activities of this company. Design, supply of resources and equipment and implementation of projects in the field of construction projects, roads, buildings and quality, innovation, smart work, attention to national interests, trustworthiness, confidentiality according to the interests of stakeholders and professional ethics.

Company policies include:

Satisfaction of employers and project stakeholders

Sustainable development and preservation of the environment and pollution prevention

Prevention of occupational diseases

Continuous improvement in all matters of the organization

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